Updated on January, 19th, 2022:
Our four elves in Haiti were hard at work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to surprise 56 families with rice + beans + oil for the holidays! That means over 300 people had food to eat! It was completely unexpected, no one knew this was coming, no one knew we were secretly plotting this huge surprise! When our elves showed up to the different households, everyone was doing their own thing, completely unaware that they were going to have not only visitors but a huge delivery that day. Our elves reported how timely this surprise was for the village because many homes did not have oil to cook with. 
But one particular story broke my heart.
Watialine (the oldest in the photo) was cooking for her younger siblings, but all she had in the pot was beans. That was all they had. Boiled beans were all they were going to eat that day. When our team showed up, they couldn't believe it either and told her to immediately add rice into the pot to make the traditional Haitian rice & beans to eat. Wow, what a Christmas miracle for those kids!
Daniel, our program assistant in Haiti kept saying, "This year, it's been a very hard time for everyone. It's been hard for every Haitian." Because of gas shortage and instability, it's hard to get food delivered to the rural parts of Haiti. Therefore, the cost of food has increased so much, I can't see how these families can afford to buy anything at all. This was more than a gift, it was a lifeline for these hungry children. Thank you to all who partnered with us to make this Christmas surprise possible!
And I just want to give a special shout-out to our team in Haiti, Daniel, David, Johnson, and Edwins for serving the Fond Doux community with love. While others were visiting family and taking time off for Christmas, they sweated and served selflessly with huge smiles on their faces. I'm so proud of the leaders we are raising up!
Happy New Year!
To a brighter future for all,
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December 23rd, 2021: It's a Christmas Miracle in Haiti!

Thank you so much for your generosity! I've been brought to tears many times in the past week from all the love pouring in from all around the United States! You've blown me away with your support by adopting 56 families this Christmas, more than I expected!

Because of you, our team in Haiti will be surprising 56 FAMILIES with Rice + Beans tomorrow morning on Christmas Eve! This means, over 333 people will have food to eat this Holiday season! This includes the 42 students in our scholarship program, and many more villagers that are in desperate need.

What a Christmas miracle for our village Fond Doux, Haiti!

Merriest Christmas to you!

<3, Elisha

(Stay tuned... We will be sharing photos soon! I can't wait to see them myself!)

December 23, 2021 — Elisha Chan