For most of the past 13 years, I’ve been able to go to Haiti during the month of December to celebrate Christmas with our family in Fond Doux village. It’s probably my favorite way to celebrate this time of year, to watch kids cheer so loud as they open up wrapped Christmas gifts for the FIRST time, to serve hot meals until bellies are actually FULL, and occasionally, Santa makes an appearance. Watching the kids’ come up to Santa to say, ‘Merci’ (thank you) is seriously the most precious thing.

This year, as we approach Christmas, I can’t help but think about our Haitian family. Not only has it been a tough year with political instability and natural disasters, but we also lost one of the most important people in our village, Mami. The people are truly hurting. In a recent phone call with Daniel, our assistant in Haiti, we learned that the gas storage has also caused food storage in our village. The food trucks are not able to make their way south. The supplies they can find near us cost FIVE times more than normal and tap-tap transportation is TEN times more!

Daniel and a team of young men had to personally travel to Port-au-Prince to stock up on as much food as possible at the cheapest price they can find. I can’t help but to think they are literally risking their lives every time they go out to look for food with the current kidnapping and gang violence in Haiti. But I am so proud of the young leaders we’ve help raise up, many through our scholarship program. They are now stepping up when the people need them the most.

This Christmas, I’d like to surprise families with rice + beans + cooking oil so they can have food for the Holidays. Our goal is to send food to the families of all 42 students in our scholarship program and any other families in most need. Our team in Haiti are ready to go buy food in Port-au-Prince and deliver them for us.

Our village doesn't even know this surprise is coming!!

You can adopt a family for only $40 this Christmas! Each family will receive 25 lbs of rice + 12 lbs of beans + 1/2 gal of cooking oil. To thank you, we will be sending you an angel ornament made in Haiti, that has a very special story of its own.

Join us in bringing joy to Fond Doux, Haiti this Christmas!



P.S. Enjoy the photos from our Christmas Party in 2019 - a glimpse into the laughter and joy we brought to Haiti!

December 13, 2021 — Elisha Chan